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Established 25 years ago ( 1996) A1 Pest control offers services to domestic homes, the commercial and industrial establishments for treatment of:

  • Dry wood and subterranean termites, these are locally called wood ants or rainfly.
  • Insects bats in roof ceiling and fruit bats hanging outside of the eave dropping seeds on the ground.
  • Mosquito, all bugs, crawling insects, blights, all types of ants, German roaches and other, weevils, rodents, molds and many more.

A1 Pest Control comes to you with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have always made the correct approach in solving pest problems for all of our customers. We believe in keeping and exhibiting strong principles, values and effective pest treatment to our customers. Our word is our bond and “you are your word”. We provide the best product solutions and the best value for your money.

Why Choose us

You will get an honest report and inspection of your property. You will be advised of the best solution and practices to deal with the pest problem.

Our Motto

A good name is better than riches and rubies or to be chosen rather than great riches and loving favor. Respect rather than silver and gold.

Quick Response

Submit and online request and get an instant booking. 

Quality Assured

We use the best expterts and materials in the business.

Honest Service

Straight forward honest pricing that won’t break the bank.

100% Satisfacation

We provide 100% customer satisfaction until you are happy. 

About Us

We provide honest & reliable Pest Control in Grenada with affordable pricing.


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